A Little Tale Of Two Giants

Two polar opposite giants

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Take Your First Step


The first step

Is always heavy

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The One Who Shines The Most

It’s the biggest, most brightest of them all!

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Floral Friday – Dec 2nd

The wait of 1/10 of a second could have brought up much fine details. But I was in a hurry and result was obvious.

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Friday Quote – Nov 4th

Greetings and happy Friday to everyone. Stay bless and always keep a smile on your face 🙂

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A Trip To Arctic

We all love to step into exotic lands to feast our inner adventurer. Many take an extra step by venturing into the furthest parts of our planet, where it’s nature’s true colors are very much visible in their entire context.

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Thoughts For Thursday – Sep 8th

We always push ourselves for more because we want more

The quest goes on and on, until we are no more

Check out these thoughts for today!

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