What I Write


The big question: What I write about?

The answer: Many things.

I have tried my hands (blogging hands that is) to write on variety of subjects. This long list include current events, random thoughts that flashes in my mind, things or pictures that made me think, nostalgia, movies, parenting, the world we live in and much more. These few posts below will show you my capabilities in writing on different topics.

A bit of this and a bit of that

Coloring Books! For Adults!! REALLY!!!
A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple
Back In The Summer Of
The Camel Chaser
A Day of Our Home
Smart Parenting: There is no APP for it
Little Shop of Memories
Just T.H.I.N.K
Think Of Light
Let’s Make Humans
Eat To Live


Edhi – Against All Odds
When A Princess Danced
Dear Mr. Peter Jackson
Oh Maria!
Taher Shah Strikes Back!

List Creation

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket
10 Cheapest Ways To Cure A Bad Day
Knot The Plastic – In 5 Simple Steps


He And She – Diary of 1995
A Happy Day
That One Slap
June 20 Challenge – Hello Ainee!
A Mission In Dark


Tears in Rain
A Grain In Cornfield
Looking Inside From Outside
Back in-to the Future
Top 10 Movie Blanks


The Zakota Syndrome – Sitting Idle At Workplace
Smart Wars: The Pose Make-ins
Once Upon A Hmmm

Dialogue Writing

Wrong Balloon Popping
The Wrongfully Right


That Time Was Strange, This Era Is Also Strange
Few Black Quotes



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