It’s Party Time – My 8th Blogiversary

Today’s the day!

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Re-posting: He and She – Diary of 1995

Summer means a lot!

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Re-blog: Away ‘V’ Go!

As per Kate’s advice, I’m re-blogging an old post of mine today from my first blogging year.

I captured these snaps of clouds playing hide and seek with the sun one morning back in March 2015.

Hadn’t seen such playful wonder of nature back again in the sky, so these snaps are my favorite.


Blog of Hammad Rais

Okay, these clouds are Cumulus. I didn’t knew about that until today.


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In Just 46 Days

Well, this is something really phenomenal. At least for me! And here are bouquets for you in advance 🙂


In just 46 days, and yes of course with a very  humongous support/appreciations/ comments/likes from so many great people like you, my little blog has been viewed more times than it was viewed last year from Feb 2015 to Dec 2015. Continue reading

Post I Like: The Photos of the YEAR! 2015 Edition

What should I say about Jesse Martineau?

I do want to but then I see his work and cover up my mouth as those words which I collected few seconds ago, vanishes into thin air.

photos of the year
image courtesy of Jesse Martineau

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Guest Post: A Year In Photos: Inanimates

I like random in my life. Random objects that are scattered all over the place as I look towards them and realize that each one is telling a story.

Can you read such stories?

image courtesy of Adm J. P.

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2015 – My Blog Review

This is the report I received in my inbox yesterday by WordPress. I’m sure you have received your personalized report also about your own blog. Kindly do share it on your blog and lets look forward to another great year, a new year in fact.

Hello 2016 !!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

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Karachi International Book Fair 2015 Part 2

It’s time once again folks to enjoy the amazing book fair I attended 2 weeks ago. Like I said in the previous episode (click here to read about it), it was a great experience and I loved it very much.


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Karachi International Book Fair 2015

Last Friday, I went to the annual Karachi International Book Fair 2015.


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