Fun Foto Challenge – Chand

Do you remember 2016’s Supermoon event?

One that crazed up the whole world to see our very own moon within its closest elliptic orbit to Earth?

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Floral 31st December

Wishing you and your loved ones a bright happy new year. May you find more happiness, smiles, amazement and wonderfulness in the coming year.


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Friday Quote – Dec 30th

Second last day of 2016 is here. May you find more happiness and love in 2017.


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Just Pause And Look Back

Last week of 2016 this is and it seems like first week was just yesterday.

Life is sure passing fast, like a bullet train.

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Pakistan For World Tourism Day 2016

Yep, it is happening today (September 27, 2016) and what better way to celebrate it then to show you majestic/marvelous/amazing/magnificent/beautiful views of my beloved country, Pakistan.


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First Day Of Fall

Yes, I know!

Sep 23rd isn’t the day of 2016’s Autumn Equinox. It was yesterday and I suppose most of you already witnessed in some form. I didn’t got the chance and even though leaves did fell off the trees, I didn’t had the slightest of idea about Sep 22nd 2016 being Autumn Equinox.

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Thoughts For Thursday – Sep 1st

A start of a new month, 9th in fact. Time is really flying so fast, isn’t it?

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10 Essential Items You Should Bring With You To The Annual Bloggers Bash

The 2016 Annual Bloggers Bash is taking place this Saturday (i.e. June 11th 2016).

Hugh Roberts has listed down 10 items you should bring along with you to the event, in case you are attending.


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June 1-30 Challenge 2016

Kathleen Duncan‘s June 1-30 Challenge 2016 is here!

The difference you will notice in this challenge: there is no particular theme.

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Up For A Challenge?

Kathleen Duncan is planning to hold a month long challenge on her blog this June. What is unique about this challenge: there is no fixed theme.

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