Weekly Photo Challenge – Vintage

Vintage is the topic for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Let’s see how many of you remember these!


An old beauty box. This was heavily used by my mother and her sisters during the 80’s and 90’s. I remember this box being the center of so many makeup sessions of countless parties and events.

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I Want To Break Free

My all time favorite song!!

Thanks to Erika for sharing this. Click on the link below and enjoy!!

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Green Of The Night Part 2

Here are two more shots I took of my neighbor’s hedge at night:


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Back in-to the Future

Back in-to the Future

Today is October 21st 2015, another day for the whole world to do the normal business. But today, there is something really special about it. May be not for the whole world but for few million individuals (yes, you read it correctly, few millions and I’m one of them), today is a very very special day.

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Songs Of My Childhood

Childhood is such a great era of our lives. It is the time that made us what we are today.

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That Time Was Strange, This Era Is Also Strange

How much nostalgic are you?

With each passing day, we are moving forward in our lives, leaving behind the trails of what we did yesterday. But sometimes while we are moving forward, our past bump into us in the most strangest ways.

Strange Time and Era

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