A Road Trip To Jamshoro And Beyond – Part 2

The trip is not over yet!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mist-ical Above

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B&W Photo Challenge – Bamboo House

Looks so nice!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Out In The World

What lies close and far?

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Re-blog: Travel Series – Celebrity Eclipse

Oceans are mighty and they do call us often.

Not many can hear their call but those who do, often pack up their bags and head towards their nearest dock to board a cruise liner or cruise ferry. On those giant floating cities on water, those individuals can enjoy every luxury they can dream about under one roof.

Various indoor and outdoor activities on such cruise ships provide unlimited amount of travel pleasures to the passengers, who either seek an escape from their hectic daily routine or to finally enjoy all the pleasures they were dreaming about during their prime years.

As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t stepped on a cruise ship yet. I had seen one, an out-of-service giant which was docked on Gadani ship-breaking yard back in the spring of 1998. Since it was there to be dismantled up completely, I didn’t got the chance to step onboard and check it out.

So yes, I do like to step on a cruise ship and sail towards the horizon, where there’s nothing but water wherever you look. Though I may get seasick within a minute or two of my boarding, I may want to try it out. Just for fun 🙂

But until that dream turns into a reality, I can enjoy the snaps taken by Reymon de Real as back in December, he answered the call of the seas and boarded Celebrity Eclipse on a two-week South American cruise.

Head towards his blog for more lovely snaps and details about this magnificent cruise ship!

Reymon de Real Photography

I easily get seasick so I’m probably the last person you’d think would jump on a cruise ship in an instant. Surprisingly, I have been in more than a dozen cruises and am looking forward to my next one June of this year. I have sailed around Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, South America and across the Atlantic Ocean and my goal is to have cruised around the world before I eventually leave this planet. A month ago I was on a two-week South American cruise on board the Celebrity Eclipse and had an amazing time even meeting new friends. The cruise started in Buenos Aires, Argentina sailing down to Cape Horn, Chile, which is the tip of South America, then up to Uruguay before docking back in Buenos Aires. The ship is almost 10 years old but is still in great shape thanks to regular maintenance. Celebrity Cruises is the…

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One Word Sunday – Where

Where are we going?

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Wonderlusting Around The World

Our world is not small!

It is so big.

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Walt Disney World Vol. 1: Magic Kingdom

How did a mouse changed the world?

A man with nothing but dreams created a world, unlike any other place any one has ever seen or even dreamed about. A place where imagination and wonder bloom like flowers.

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A Footpath Adventure In Karachi

My city, Karachi. Home to more than 10 million souls, bursting with so many colors of life. Where skilled craftsmen of virtually every known skill to man, marks their unique set of skills.

The city feels so empty without such people. They are an essential part of our lives here and we utilize their services in so many ways. They have so many stories to tell, if only they can spot a listener.

Today, we are meeting few such story-tellers!

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My Year One

It all started a year ago as a short course assignment!

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