Fun Foto Challenge – Ready

He is Ready for the lift-off!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Blue Skies

I never wondered how much blue our sky is if one see it while flying right on the edge of it.

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Windows To The Unknown

An opening to worlds,
Unknown and unseen,
Is furnished by windows!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden

What started up as golden will definitely shine up for so long!

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Flying Over Pakistan

Don’t forget to look outside when you are up in the air!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Flying

For the past 35+ years, I didn’t got the chance to step inside an airplane and experience the joy and amazement of flying high in the sky, above the clouds and seeing the world down below in a totally unbelievable perspective.

I finally got my chance this past January!

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Your Guide To Plane Crash Survival

Every year, we hear news about plane incidents from all over the world. Air travel is the busiest of all and despite all the incidents, people do rely on it very much because you reach your destination in less amount of time.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Close-ups



Apologies for not knowing the name of this beauty. The plant is in my neighbor’s garden and it grew up quite tall recently. I spotted a new flower every second day and captured many snaps of new and old flowers. Continue reading