Weekend Sky #100 – May 13th

100 is another number!

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It’s Party Time – My 8th Blogiversary

Today’s the day!

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Floral Dessert

Yeah, they are meant to be eaten!

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Five Years And Me

An amazing ongoing journey!

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Lens Artist Challenge – Small Yet Mighty

You and I may be tiny.

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Re-blog: 3,652 Days

In response to Kate’s Friday Fun for this week, I’m re-blogging an old post of mine I published exactly 3 years ago on January 20th, 2016.

That post was about spending a decade/10 years/3,652 days with my lovely wife Jia.

And since today marks our 13th wedding anniversary, I thought it would be great to read out all the thoughts I wrote 3 years ago about my life with Jia, what she means to me and the way she makes me feel.

You can read it also, along with me 🙂

Blog of Hammad Rais

That’s 10 years to be precise, including two leap years. And today, this number of 3,652 is very special for me.


Because 10 years ago today, which was January 20th 2006, I got married!!!!

01The Day We Got Married

Yup, there you have it!! The Surprise I was talking about since last week, this is it!!

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My Year Two

Human mind, such a wonder it is. Capable of performing unimaginable feats in countless ways. Can store lifetime of memories yet can’t recall the most important ones when mostly needed. Especially when an individual’s mind is locked on tasks placed upon his shoulders and back by his manager.

That particular individual is Me!

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A Year Without Annee

Those who are around will not stay here forever and those who are no more are deeply missed. This is what life is all about. No one comes into this world with an eternal life. We do our part and leave the stage for others as the show is going on since world came into existence and it will last till the very end.

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Gifts From Me

As today marks my first blogiversary, I have decided to give you gifts.

Yes, this is totally the opposite of any other normal anniversary celebration. But hey, it’s my special day, so I can do whatever I want to do. Right?

After all, you are receiving a gift from someone (that is me), who is celebrating his first year of blogging, not the other way round. Continue reading

My Year One

It all started a year ago as a short course assignment!

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