A Tale Of Certain Seasons

Over my face

Those looks were locked

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Some Old Clouds

These are some old clouds

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One Word Sunday – Where

Where are we going?

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Every Weekday, Why I Do What I Do?

It makes you sad and I know

You ask me everyday

When I return back home

Upon hearing my yes

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You And I

We are living along
Life is slipping away

But every passing day
Is leaving a question

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Have You Ever Washed Dishes?

Ashfaq Ahmed, one of Pakistan’s most famous writer and an intellectual, has mentioned several times in his books about receiving uncountable valuable lessons about life from an elderly wise man.

Ashfaq Ahmed (image courtesy of encyclopk.com)

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What Is Love?

Such a big burning question it is, isn’t it?

We all feel love inside ourselves but can’t find enough words to explain it completely.


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Post I Like: Intentions

What’s in your mind?

A question that can only be answered by you. And whatever you got in your mind defines very clearly about who you are.

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This Is Me

What have I done so far

Besides breathing a lot

And eating my way through

Nothing much, I say

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Daily Kind Quote – August 16

What is love?

So many answers are out there for this question. I’m glad that I read this simple but powerful one today by Erika Kind.

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