Prisma Tuesday – Dec 13th

A perfect match. Easy for handful of souls but a daunting quest for so many out there.

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Prisma Tuesday – Dec 6th

All of us are spinning around, like a wheel. Hence the reason of our existence. Continue reading

Prisma Tuesday – Nov 29th

I look for colors to fill my life with. Some are easy are to find while many are not.

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Prisma Tuesday – Nov 22nd

Open some closed curtains and say hello to the light!

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Prisma Tuesday – Nov 8th

Everything we know about, even everything we do everyday, is revolving around something. We may not know it or we may completely deny it but this is reality and there is no escape from it.

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Prisma Tuesday – Oct 25th

Leaves are turning yellow faster these days, isn’t it?

But green color will return next year and will bring new hopes and dreams with it.

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Prisma Tuesday – Oct 4th

Celebrating today’s Prisma Tuesday by sharing not just one or two or three but four snaps.

Prisma (16)

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Prisma Tuesday – 27th Sep

Tuesday is upon us and I feel it is good to share some colors. Isn’t it?

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Prisma Tuesday – Sep 13th

From today onwards, I will share a picture from my Prisma collection every Tuesday. I love this app very much as it really transform ordinary pictures into something extraordinary.

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I Do Prisma

For past couple of months or so, I heard a lot about Prisma app. I saw ordinary pictures being turned into an art with just few finger swipes.

So eventually, I downloaded it on my phone and I didn’t got disappointed.

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