Mix Plate #30

Oh wow! It’s another Friday!

Great, isn’t it? Two more days ahead to relax and enjoy some quality time.

mix plate

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Travel Perth: Ultimate Travel Guide

This morning, I checked out Ruben Arribas’s travel guide to Perth and found some really interesting points about this Australian city like: Continue reading

Jumping Crocodiles in Darwin

Great Scott!!

Getting up-close with a crocodile in the wild is definitely not easy to swallow. But if you are in Australia, then it’s a must see.

Ellen spent a day at Adelaide River with her Dad as both of them enjoyed a quality time with some pretty big crocodiles.

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Ready To Dive

Today is March 1st and Karachi is already under a 35°C heat wave attack. It all started up last Friday and it warmed the city so very much.

During the weekend, beach spots of Clifton, Sandspit, Hawke’s Bay, Paradise Point, French Beach and Cape Monze got all over crowded. It was the weekend and people weren’t ready for this extensive amount of heat in February. So they did what they had to do. Continue reading

Mix Plate #8

Valentine’s day on a Sunday!!

How more special can it get?

By enjoy today’s specials, of course

mix plate

Caribbean Sunrise
Just 2 words for a jaw dropping moment
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The Absence Of Many Days

15 days to be exact. I didn’t logged in on my WordPress account at all. Reasons are many (Ramazan, office work, bit of laziness, Uzair, etc). blank-calendar-vector-670336 Continue reading