They Still Hold That Old Charm

Though not in prime but still!

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A Wish For Falling Leaves

Money can’t grow on the trees

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A Seasonal Shifting

The spring is long gone

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Photo A Week Challenge – Artificial Browns

Not the natural ones they are!

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One Word Sunday – Leaves Of Sepia

Still green they are in my town!

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Leaves Are Lovely

Time is nearing by for them to fall!

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Fall Foliage – The Changing Colors Of Hunza

Feast your eyes upon some fall colors of Hunza, when leaves turn yellow and blissful autumn breeze sings to you.

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Post I Like: Fall At The Beaver Lodge

A beaver’s lodge is home for beaver during the winter. Beavers construct these by using severed branches and mud. In late autumn season, they cover it up with fresh mud which freezes when frost arrive, almost like a stone.

image courtesy of Tom Gable

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Empty Branches

An empty tree I saw few days ago. It’s mid of October and weather in Karachi is still hot. No sign of Autumn yet.


Don’t know how or why this poor tree lost its beauty but that’s how nature works.

Guest Post: Autumn. Fall. Two names for one season?

As I mentioned in my last post 3 Days of Heat about the gruesome heatwave that hit my city this past weekend, I think it is appropriate to talk about another season. In fact how about a totally new season??

image courtesy of

Jesse Martineau is the inventor of this new season

Autumn. Fall. Two names for one season?.