Re-posting: Wrong Balloon Popping

I try to stay calm, despite the difficulties!

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Multi-Balloony Curves

I was the one who really saw that!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters A or B

These days, I’m getting a unique understanding about the importance of letters in one’s life.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Events

My niece, Dafiya, celebrated her first birthday this past April. Here are few shots I took of the event.


The main banner!

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Mix Plate #20

Happy Sunday everyone!

mix plate

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Mix Plate #9

The world goes our way sometimes but most of the time, it doesn’t. We want things to happen the way we want it but that is not the case always.

We go through both good and bad times. We smile and cry. Sometime we fly high and sometimes we fall on the ground. Life is always about two opposite things.

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Wrong Balloon Popping

  1. Have you ever popped a balloon??
  2. Can you tell me the exact amount of time that balloon took to burst??

Answer to question #1 is Yes but for question #2, I suppose you have no clue. Heck even I don’t. But it was fun, right? Popping a big balloon in a birthday party and watching those little kids, covering up their ears and begging you not to do it, is fun. Right?

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