Four Pictures From Pakistan

Year 2017 mark Pakistan’s 70th year of independence. That special day is about month and half days away still but I’m already feeling the spirit to celebrate it.

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The Mystery Of Shela Bagh

This past Sunday, I went back in time!

A forgotten railway tunnel, built back in the late 19th century by the British Raj in Indian subcontinent, took me back to my childhood as I used to watch it almost everyday.

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Land Before Time

So many times I wonder how things were before I was born or what was here, where I currently lives, 100 years ago or 1000 years ago.

Barred lands, water, some long lost civilization, a clan of unknowns who vanished from the face of the earth long ago. There can be so many possibilities. The world is full of such places which were like center of the universe in their own time. But now there is nothing on those lands. Nothing except for silence.

Death like silence.

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