Lens-Artists Challenge – First Special Moments

The first impression makes an everlasting impact!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – A Healthy Dose

Here’s a treat for you!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Yellows

Yellow is the theme for this week’s Cee Fun Foto Challenge and here are my entries:


Uzair never plays much with this race car but I like it

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Pear Banana Smoothie

Mark is continuing on his smoothie adventures. Check out this version bananas, strawberries, pears and vanilla powder.

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Double Bananas

My brother-in-law showed up few days ago with a dozen or so bananas and this unique one (or should I say two) was among the bunch.

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Easy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

A simple homemade banana/strawberry ice cream can sure cool anyone down during the summer.

And I can guarantee moms will love trying out this for their kids because of very few ingredients and great taste.

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Banana Berry Almond Smoothie

Day 6 of Mark’s smoothie adventure. This time, he is trying some bananas, few berries and almonds. Check it out!

We are running at full speed in Smoothie Land!  The receipes are getting easier because I can understand what the product will look like now.  The process…

Source: Banana Berry Almond Smoothie – Day 6

A Super Smoothie

Enjoy a super smoothie featuring orange, banana and strawberry. Courtesy of Mark Continue reading