Floral Friday – June 7th

Time will come!

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Big Above

The wonders are always big

On the canvas above our heads

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Little Pointers

Small they might be but their point casts an impression!

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Between Yes And No

Is it a yes?

Or is it a no?

image courtesy of freepik.com

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Floral Friday – May 5th

Unlike coin’s two sided view, flowers are quite opposite.

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Am I Really Such?

I feel so honored right now and I’m also out of words.

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Faces I See

A face is all what we see

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Pakistan For World Tourism Day 2016

Yep, it is happening today (September 27, 2016) and what better way to celebrate it then to show you majestic/marvelous/amazing/magnificent/beautiful views of my beloved country, Pakistan.


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Afternoon Reflections

Little bit dark these two snaps are. And there is a point behind this.


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The Roses Are Still Beautiful

Like all other flowers, roses are hard to ignore. You just can’t turn your head in the other direction if a bunch of bright red roses catches your sight.

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