FSCW #10 – March 14th

Today, I disappointed someone!

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Another Round Towards To

To feel….

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Floral Friday – June 28th

Our very presence means so much!

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Floral Friday – July 27th

Keep yourself on the track!

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Floral Friday – March 2nd

What makes you who you are?

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Magical Blue Wall

I believe magic is not just about tricking the mind of your audience (apologies to the real-life magicians here). For me, magic is more about making someone believe the unbelievable.

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What’s After “THE BREAKUP”?

Breakups are hard, really hard. Little arguments about matters of negligible scale turns into colossal force of destruction in no time and by the time storm is over, so much is lost.

image via The Science Explorer

And thus begins the time of constant suffering and pain, where nothing seems right and the world seems so hostile. Is this okay?

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Light In My Heart

In times when my heart goes dark, A beam of light strikes


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Step Right Up

A shot of cemented round stairs in my home


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