Post I Like – Breakfast Serendipity

Sometimes, something happens to us in ways we can’t properly explain.

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Cellpic Sunday – A Lone Flyer

I caught another one!

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Squaring Odds – An Edge Of Three

An oddity high above!

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A Once Upon A Nest Story

A true story actually!

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Water Water Everywhere – A Little Splash

I went experimental!

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Wordless Wednesday – Morning Top


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You Can’t Fly Like A Bird

The small window on the wall gave her some sense about life outside. That’s all she can rest her eyes upon. Those colorless walls made her life colorless but she doesn’t knew about it because she hadn’t seen any color other than yellow sunshine or blue sky or white clouds.

That small window which was kind of a lifeline to her!

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I Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep all night long
Can someone tell me what’s in your heart


You are not with me anymore
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An Early Man

In reply to The Daily Post’s Because the Night

Good morning from a person who woke up at 4:30 am to do some work. How is everybody doing?

And here is a sunrise!!


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Rise and Fly

A new day is here
Yesterday is gone

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