Wednesday Wisdom – May 25

Wisdom for Wednesday, May 25 2016

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Wednesday Wisdom – May 18

Wisdom for Wednesday, May 18 2016

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Wednesday Wisdom – May 11

Starting from today, I will share a black quote every Wednesday. Black quotes are not your ordinary motivational or inspirational quotes. They give you a glimpse of what is actually happening in the very world we live in but might not be seeing it as we are either looking somewhere else or being blindfolded. Continue reading

The Black Quotes Continue

The last bunch of Black Quotes is here. These are penned by Hassan Nisar, a noted Pakistani columnist. I have translated them in English from Urdu to share it with you.

black quotes

  1. Entire world’s clothing can’t dress up the illiteracy.
  2. Every single path towards glory is un-smooth.
  3. If nature is like a mother, then time is the father.
  4. Trust only on a person who trust on God.
  5. I don’t care who loves me. I only care how many trust me.
  6. God judges your heart, not your mind.
  7. Generation gap is more like a communication gap.
  8. Not much investment is needed to build castles in the air.
  9. Salt is the cheapest of all food ingredients but it determines the taste of entire dish.
  10. No one is so wealthy to buy his/her own past.


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