My Year Two

Human mind, such a wonder it is. Capable of performing unimaginable feats in countless ways. Can store lifetime of memories yet can’t recall the most important ones when mostly needed. Especially when an individual’s mind is locked on tasks placed upon his shoulders and back by his manager.

That particular individual is Me!

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A Gigantic Leap

Have you ever wondered what popped up into the minds of all those great explorers who saw the unknown for the very first time?

Some became speechless, many felt wonderment beyond explanation but all of them, as soon as they realize what they have just achieved, felt one common thing: a sense of utter accomplishment unlike anything. Continue reading “A Gigantic Leap”

Are High Page Views the Greatest Thing in the World?

Honestly, I do feel becoming obsessed with checking my stats page more often. I do love to receive comments on my blog and reply to each and everyone but sometimes, I act down straightly nuts.


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Project Portfolio


23rd Feb 2015 was the day I published my first post. It was also the day I created it up and the reason for doing so was an assignment. I was doing a short course on Content Writing back then and the instructor advised every individual in whole class to create their respective blogs on WordPress. Continue reading “Project Portfolio”

10 Essential Items You Should Bring With You To The Annual Bloggers Bash

The 2016 Annual Bloggers Bash is taking place this Saturday (i.e. June 11th 2016).

Hugh Roberts has listed down 10 items you should bring along with you to the event, in case you are attending.


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