Kinda Resting Over A Palm

Constant hard work for whole day but no rest?

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A Medicine’s Taste

Ever wonder about those

Who shatters the trust

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An Instant’s Tale

Mending the damage

Caused by actions

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Break For Me

I certainly need one!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Sunset

At the end of a day, what will matter the most?

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Break Of Dawn

The first step is always the crucial one!

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Break To Make

If something breaks up in the end, it may start over as new again.

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You Just Can’t Stop Running


Running out for so long

Sometime, I wish for a break

But there is no slowing down

Or even a pause sign ahead

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Glass

Humans and glass are same, aren’t they?

Both of them appear so clean sometime, not scratches or marks. Both of them breaks apart so easily and are so difficult to piece up together.

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Guest Post: 7 Ways To Free Your Mind

Our mind, yes that little organ of our body which weighs on average about 1.3–1.4 kg (2.9–3.1 lb), or about 2% of our total body weight, and working constantly since the first breath we took, sometimes need a break.

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