Whatsoever Is Lovely – A Bride’s Table

It was for her only, on her special day!

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Whatsoever Is Lovely – A Handful Of Marigolds

All hands on the celebration deck!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Different Hand

It’s time for him to shine!

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The Last Round – Part 2

One last time!

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Story Time

Oh, my dear old river
Tell me the stories

Of those melting ice on mountains
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Mix Plate #28

Anyone ready for Sunday?

I think the whole world is. This is very good and this is how it should be.

mix plate

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Pakistani Bridesmaids

Samrah, my sister, got married in 2014. Her wedding was really a special moment of my life as she is my only sister and the smallest one. So, she was treated very much like a princess I would say (my sweet princess)
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