A Photo A Week Challenge – Missing The Water

Hot summer as usual in my town but no stepping on the beach!

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Re-posting: Wrong Balloon Popping

I try to stay calm, despite the difficulties!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Among The Lime Green

A quick way to be peaceful!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Grass And Sand

What lies beneath!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Alone

Being alone is beneficial in so many ways.

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I’d Rather Be With Waves

One after another

I won’t mind at all

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Silence Of The Blues

The whole world turned silent for me.

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A Monster Within

He stays calm mostly

And keep himself cool

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Texture

When I’m at the beach, I feel like there is noting else to look forward to or think about. The calmness of nature, soothing ocean breeze, gentle waves; what else you could ask for.

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Which Way Challenge – Peaceful

One the first things that grabbed my attention, during my recent visit to Dubai, was the multi-lane roads and how smoothly traffic flows on them. Continue reading