Re-posting: Wrong Balloon Popping

I try to stay calm, despite the difficulties!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Among The Lime Green

A quick way to be peaceful!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Grass And Sand

What lies beneath!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Alone

Being alone is beneficial in so many ways.

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I’d Rather Be With Waves

One after another

I won’t mind at all

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Silence Of The Blues

The whole world turned silent for me.

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A Monster Within

He stays calm mostly

And keep himself cool

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Texture

When I’m at the beach, I feel like there is noting else to look forward to or think about. The calmness of nature, soothing ocean breeze, gentle waves; what else you could ask for.

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Which Way Challenge – Peaceful

One the first things that grabbed my attention, during my recent visit to Dubai, was the multi-lane roads and how smoothly traffic flows on them. Continue reading

Chaotic Peace

What better place on earth, other than seaside, where you can find both peace and chaos. Their rivalry is abundant in our world unlike anything else.

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