Tweaking The Red

And so, I decided to play with red.

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Going Blur

Clear they may not be!

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Thursday’s Odd Ball – Old Buckets

Old but still fascinating!

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One Word Sunday – Tasty

This was the very first one!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Chand

Do you remember 2016’s Supermoon event?

One that crazed up the whole world to see our very own moon within its closest elliptic orbit to Earth?

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Fun Foto Challenge – Toys

As toys are part of this week’s Fun Foto Challenge by Cee Neuner, I thought about sharing some more toys from Uzair’s collection.

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Black & White Karachi Street Walking

Join Arif Mehmood on a black and white photographic trip to Saddar Town, Karachi’s central business district.

Armed with a manual Leica camera and wide-angle lenses, Arif Mehmood captures everyday life of Karachi on a fast fading medium which keeps him sane.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Rocks

This past Saturday, my whole family enjoyed a memorable day at Karachi beach. A perfect sunny day among gentle waves and pleasant sea breeze, what else you could ask for!

Rocks 1

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