Re-posting – In My Head

There are so many things
Dreams, desires, needs

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FOTD Wednesday – June 8th

Deep within yourself

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The Maze In My Way

Clearing the obstacles

With as much care as I can

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Holding On To My Bliss

Every passing day

A certain feeling engulfs me

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Squaring Trees – Right Next To The Giants

Not an easy feat for sure!

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FOTD Tuesday – Sep 29th

Surround with care!

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Leaving My Mark

I’m making my mark

In this world somehow

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Lifeless Flowerpots

They could’ve been so much more than this!

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Like A Cloud

Like a cloud high above, you protect us
From the heat and harshness of life


Even a little shower of love
Makes you so special and gentle

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Not Just Feet They Are

For rest of the world, these are just feet of two persons.


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