Friday Nights Can Be As Such

Heading home but not so fast!

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November Squaring – A Glow On The Road

That would be of a morning!

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November Squaring – An Afternoon Pause

From a bit higher ground!

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Silent Sunday – A Road Down Below

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Burning Time, Fuel, Patience And More

It is bound to happen!

Heading back home and getting locked up in a traffic jam is a big non-pleaser.

Such much burns over when this happens.


And like all other drivers out there, I also hate this very much.

For Debbie Symth’s Six Word Saturday


Silent Sunday – All The Reds

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Silent Sunday – All The Little Ones

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Weekend Sky #52 – Jan 15th

It will rise for sure!

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Silent Sunday – Colored Upon

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Wordless Wednesday – Light The Dark

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