A Ladder To Get Back To You

In such times of trouble

Another one popped

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Blasting From The Past

Standing against time they are!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Fluffy Castle


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Sunday Sky – Sep 25th

Yes, I still wish to fly

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Mix Plate #18

Tomorrow is April 1st, a day when so many try to act cool by making others fool. But I’m not here to make you fool because I know you are already cool!

Enjoy today’s specials!

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To The One In Sky

I look upon you and see nothing but light
You are burning for so long


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Post I Like: The Eagle and the Hawk

Both are undoubtedly the kings of sky. Flying so high above, leaving everyone behind. No wonder these two majestic creatures are the inspiration behind speed, accuracy and ruling their territory.

image courtesy of Thomas Gable

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