Squaring Odds – Rustling On Rust

Look what the wind blew in!

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Floral Friday – Jan 10th

Right through highs and lows

Only few will stay around

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Friday Quote – Dec 9th

Are you one such person?


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Thoughts For Tuesday – Oct 18th

You may have all the riches of the world but without a character, you are nothing.

I just said it!

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Wednesday Wisdom – May 11

Starting from today, I will share a black quote every Wednesday. Black quotes are not your ordinary motivational or inspirational quotes. They give you a glimpse of what is actually happening in the very world we live in but might not be seeing it as we are either looking somewhere else or being blindfolded. Continue reading

I’m Sorry Sir!

Respect for others, regardless of their age, is fading fast from our world.

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The Force Is Already With You


May The Force Be With You

As if you were living without it before

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