On The Road – Passengers Of Green

Green buses of Karachi runs on compress natural gas (CNG). Since fares are cheap, so finding a place inside to stand firmly, as the bus runs wild on road, is an accomplishment.

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The Cheapest Time Machine

Did you ever thought about all those old newspapers, magazines or books in your garage or attic are like time machine? The cheapest time machine anyone could buy?

Ever gave a thought to it??

old papers

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10 Cheapest Ways To Cure A Bad Day

10 Cheapest Ways To Cure A Bad Day

Ah, the bad days. If you are going through one, you just simply wish to vanish yourself off from the face of Earth or you think about freezing the entire world like Prof Xavier and undo all the wrong things, but this can’t happen. You may have woke up this morning with all the positive energy but one tiny mishap has turned your mood upside down.

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