FSCW #10 – March 14th

Today, I disappointed someone!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Me And My Choices

Over the course of my life

I may have chosen wrongfully

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A Freshly Bright

Nothing can beat the freshness!

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Hard To Say

Moving about

From one word to another

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FOTD Tuesday – May 19th

Life is like a giant shelf

Filled up with what not

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Lens Artist Challenge – Small Yet Mighty

You and I may be tiny.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Choose Your Color

Can you pick The One?
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Prisma Tuesday – Jan 31st

Life puts so much in front of us. Good and bad. Big and small.

A giant shelf right in front of us, filled with things to shape up our lives. It is up to us what we choose.

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No to Milk, Yes to Water

This happened last night!

No to Milk, Yes to Water

My sleepy eyes opened after 3:20 AM by sound of Uzair’s cry, my soon-to-be 2 year old son. This is normal these days for me and Jia, my wife, as he wakes up in the middle of night for milk and he goes back to sleep after drinking it. But Uzair didn’t followed this normal routine last night. Continue reading