Weekend Sky #86 – Jan 28th

A winter’s evening mood!

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Once Upon A Trip Of My Lifetime – A Night On The Rocks

Went a little higher on a cold January night!

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Floral Friday – Dec 23rd

Here’s some warmth for the cold days!

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Silent Sunday – A Winter’s Drive

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A Night’s Rhythm

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One Word Sunday – Hot Or Cold

What would you like?

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Interested In Cold Or Hot?

Both have their own benefits!

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A Latest One

Here is a snap I just took few minutes ago from the roof.

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A Trip To Arctic

We all love to step into exotic lands to feast our inner adventurer. Many take an extra step by venturing into the furthest parts of our planet, where it’s nature’s true colors are very much visible in their entire context.

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Mix Plate #7

It’s Friday finally!!

A weekend to be at home, spend time with family and just relax.

mix plate

And also time for another serving of Mix Plate.


Purple with poetry, now that is a lovely combination.

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