Today’s Kind Quote – Oct 21st

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Project Portfolio


23rd Feb 2015 was the day I published my first post. It was also the day I created it up and the reason for doing so was an assignment. I was doing a short course on Content Writing back then and the instructor advised every individual in whole class to create their respective blogs on WordPress. Continue reading

How To Gain Search Engine’s Love

We all post daily on our blogs about our daily experiences, feelings, joys and so much more. As soon as we press that publish button, our mind’s output turn into a freshly baked pudding, ready to be served to the whole world.

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The Magical Figure of 200

And so I add up another 100 likes for my blog!!

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The Magical Figure of 100

Well folks! This finally happened today!!

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Guest Post: 12 Best Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on Your Old Posts

Janice Wald talks about 12 easy and best tricks to get fresh views on your old posts.

12 Best Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on Your Old Posts | Reflections.

Assignment # 01


As you know (or in case if you don’t), I created this blog to practice up my skills in the field of content writing. I’m taking classes on weekends and it is really fun. Continue reading

Who Am I – Part 2

question mark

Okay, this is the final part, I swear. No more about myself after this post. I didn’t posted yesterday at all because I was busy at work and after reaching, my son didn’t let me open up my laptop. This gap provided me enough time to think about what I will post on my blog.

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Who Am I?

question mark

Who, Why, What, When, Where, How. These are the most used words we speak each day. Beside answering the most baffling mysteries of the universe, these 6 words can also put a smile on your face or make you cry.

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