A Look At Interior Sindh, From Guddu’s Lens

I met Guddu on Twitter few days ago.

image courtesy of Emmanuel Guddu

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A German Becoming A Pakistani

Few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a foreigner would dare to even step inside Pakistan, all because of violence and terrorism in the my beloved country. That era was definitely a dark one in our history and wiping it off wasn’t so easy.

image courtesy of @KoblerinPAK

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A Filipino Turns Pakistani

Seeing is believing. With this in mind, Wallei Bautista Trinidad, a Dubai-based Filipino footwear professional, decided to follow his heart and spent 3 magical weeks in Pakistan.

Despite hearing all the warnings about Pakistan from his family and friends, Wallei did something against their wish and landed in Pakistan.

image courtesy of Jovago

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Mix Plate #18

Tomorrow is April 1st, a day when so many try to act cool by making others fool. But I’m not here to make you fool because I know you are already cool!

Enjoy today’s specials!

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Hyderabad – A Photo-walk

Hyderabad, is another city of Pakistan, which can easily be labelled as a forgotten city. By this, I don’t mean this city is deserted but rather being ignored or not been given the proper stature it deserved.


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Mix Plate #14

Good day, folks! How are you all doing today?

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Karachi, so I decided to share this week’s Mix Plate a little bit earlier.

Enjoy today’s specials!

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The Rhythm Of Unity

Oh, just before we go towards those snow filled mountains, here is a great shot of Lahore‘s Food Street, where you can enjoy all Pakistani cuisines. There are two main food streets in Lahore and both of them offer all sorts of local traditional cuisines as well as continental dishes.

And I can assure you, your taste buds will never be the same once you taste Lahori Food.

These 2 pictures are of Fort Road Food Street which is located to adjacent to Badshahi Mosque.

Zia's Trip (47)

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