A Bigger Picture II

Here’s another attempt!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Floral Frame Filling

Honestly, I can’t do framing justice with floral beauties!

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B&W FOTD Challenge – A Dahlia

Just a flower!

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Floral Friday – 5th April

Oh the joy!

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Pink Petals, Orange Toys

Going in two different directions here!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Flowers

Seeing them in just black and white may feel little strange.

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Today’s Flower – Dahlia – June 7

A stunning bright Dahlia is here to freshen up your mind.

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Mix Plate #8

Valentine’s day on a Sunday!!

How more special can it get?

By enjoy today’s specials, of course

mix plate

Caribbean Sunrise
Just 2 words for a jaw dropping moment
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Mix Plate #5

Phew!! So hard this is!

Every time I do this, my inner voice keeps telling me not to do it again.

mix plate

But I say to my inner voice: “I’m not doing this for myself. This is for the world.”

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Mix Plate #3

Please have a seat! Just relax and enjoy today’s special:

mix plate

Country House
A black and white trip to a country house

How to Cope with -30 Weather
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