Fun Foto Challenge – Once Alived

From first moment to the very last!

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Just Before Eid

Tomorrow, Eid celebrations will take place in Pakistan. Muslims in many countries are celebrating Eid today because of a day’s difference in lunar sighting (Islamic calendar follows lunar cycle).

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You Just Can’t Stop Running


Running out for so long

Sometime, I wish for a break

But there is no slowing down

Or even a pause sign ahead

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Wednesday Wisdom – July 20

Look closely and you will understand the cause.

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On The Road – Dead And Alive

A same life form in two different states.

One is alive, other is not!

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The Other Face of My Town

Pakistan gunmen kill 43 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus – BBC News

Yes, this is another view of my beloved city. After I posted Talk About My Town, I decided that I will show only the bright face of Karachi, who is suffering from violence, destruction and terror for past 3 decades. Karachi Continue reading

Tears in Rain

Tears in Rain

The last breaths of a person’s life are probably the most weighted moments of his/her entire life.

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