Re-post – Let’s Just!

Lets just keep on walking
Let the days fly away

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Floral Friday – Dec 2nd

Small things!

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Time To Sail

Winds of change

Always in motion

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Weekend Sky #59 – March 12th

Going over the limits!

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You Have Been Warned

That tiny little tinkling

Somewhere deep in our minds

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A Lifetime Of Filtering

I like this

I hate that

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No More Flying

An old paper plane

Down on the road

Dusty and battered

The flying days

Were long gone

What happened

To the dreams

And those desires

Which it carried

On its tiny wings

And took off

Beyond the boundaries

Of life’s normality


Floral Friday – Oct 6th

Small things!

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Prisma Tuesday – July 25th

Dreams, wishes, thoughts, desires

How nice would it be

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In My Head

There are so many things
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