Sunday Poser #123 – To Say Or Not To Say

That is a really good question!

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Weekend Sky #73 – Sep 17th

Time will pass

Wounds will heal

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Weekend Sky #72 – Sep 3rd

The worst is just warming up!

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Nature’s Destructiveness

Embracing each other

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Reposting – From One Point To Another

What begins at a point

Will surely ends at another

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Life After The Chaos

Collecting shattered pieces of life

After a catastrophic storm

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Out Of The Blue

For me, yesterday was a hectic day and today was mere inches away from being a disastrous one!

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Okay, let me explain. Today, 2 senior most officials from my company’s global HQ in Germany landed in Karachi to meet us and get an in-depth insight about our working. Since my company is a small but vital part of their giant organization, this visit was termed as the most important event of the year by our local management. Continue reading