Wordless Wednesday, April 6th

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B&W Photo Challenge – Take A New Photo

A late entry on CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: TAKE A NEW PHOTO by me as I checked my email about this very late.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Gap

Gap is good in so many ways and for this week’s photo challenge by Hugh, I’m showing you some gaps. Please don’t mind 🙂


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Before The Wires

A snap of newly installed electric pole, just left of my home. Wires were tightened up on it few days later. Continue reading

Orange Playtime

My 7-month old niece Hiba playing with her elder sister’s toy kitchen set. The theme is orange here.


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Wordless Wednesday

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One Colorful Love

For this week Daily Post’s photo challenges One Love, I’m sharing my some colorful snaps from my collection. How they relate to One Love? Well, if you picture a giant with all those uncountable leaves and branches, you will know that One Love is just like that.


Few playing blocks from my nephew’s collection

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Under The World

Here is my entry for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Under, which is actually my very first entry too.

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Not Straight Up

Five trees I saw couple of days ago which aren’t straight. They are like bending together in unison. It is common for trees to grow like this. I mean they don’t ask our permission for growing straight or not. Continue reading