Lens-Artists Challenge – In The Gardens Of Wonderment

Easy to step in, hard to step out!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Brightened Portals

Lighted up all the way!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – That One Trip

Is still as fresh in my memory as it was yesterday!

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Wordless Wednesday – Midweek Colors 2


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Lens Artist Challenge – Our Creation

If only trees can really light up like this in reality!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Gardens

Subtract the humans and all the factors belonging to them and this very planet Earth turns into a giant garden.

But then, without humans, what would be the purpose of it?

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Truthful Reflections

The most important aspect of a reflection is truthfulness.

Whatever you see is in a reflection is nothing but truth, every bit of it.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Details

So many colors, such detail!

Last month, Jia and I were amazed to see this colorful attraction inside Dubai Garden Glow, a glow theme family entertainment park in Dubai.

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