A Photo A Week Challenge – Green

A closer, refreshing look at life!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Strictly Elemental

Four totally different, yet so much close elements they are.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Structure in Nature

The course of nature’s artistry is mesmerizing.

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Break To Make

If something breaks up in the end, it may start over as new again.

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Post I Like: The Difference

Men from Mars and women from Venus live together on another planet, Earth. And so begins a story.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Any Topic

So, it is up to me to decide and I better not mess up!

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From So High Above

The world will be looking towards the sky tonight as countdown to welcome 2017 has already begun.

But how about watching the earth itself from 250 miles above from space station?

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We Are Soldiers

The light flashed above us
Alerting our brigade completely

It was the time to drop down
From high above the skies
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