Post I Like – Rare And Precious- Green

Green is not just a color!

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There Is No Planet B

Humankind’s consuming habits

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Fueling The World

This very world of ours

Where we live our lives

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Our Green Giants

They are nothing but friendly!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Orange Of Plastic

Plastic is weird!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Think About Plastic

A classic example of being good and bad at the same time!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Let Trees Stand Tall

What would be our world without trees?

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Guest Post: Totes Anyone?

Buying weekly grocery from store or shopping out for anything else means returning home with bundle of bags in our hands. Many stores fill up our shopped items in plastic bags while not so many stores offer paper bags or totes.

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Knot The Plastic – In 5 Simple Steps

Beside so many good use of plastic based products in almost every imaginable way, there is a big big downfall: Plastic is a not environmental friendly.

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