Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 69

There’s something inside of us!

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 66

There are some gifts that surrounds.

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Post I Like – PoeticTuesday – 58

Ever thought about flowing like a river?

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 57

The Possible Dream

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Post I Like – How To Let Go?

How much we can carry onto ourselves?

Not just the physical load but also the weight we add over on our mind, heart and soul. Some of that may be useful for us but most of it is nothing but garbage.

Which is certainly not what we should drag along on the path of life.

Erika Kind is talking about How To Let Go of the things that hurdles into our path.

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Post I Like – Poetic Tuesday By Erika Kind

It’s been a while I checked over Erika Kind’s blog, so I decided to head over there today.

This lovely Poetic Tuesday post deserved a re-blog, so I thought why not πŸ˜€


The Chain Of Light By Erika Kind

Every one of us, living on this planet, is part of a chain. A chain of light, which is not only brighten up our lives but also the lives of countless, close or far.

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101 KIND Quotes – New Release!

The 5th book from Erika Kind is about the 101 daily quotes she has published on her blog, for 101 days. This is really remarkable and I congratulate her on this. You can find more details about the book on the link below and for previous publications of Erika Kind click here.

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