Re-posting – In My Head

There are so many things
Dreams, desires, needs

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Cellpic Sunday – Ready For Iftar

Bon appetite!

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Weekday Sky – July 22nd

Tempo broke up a little!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Yellowish

Not whole but a slight addition!

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Re-blog: 3,652 Days

In response to Kate’s Friday Fun for this week, I’m re-blogging an old post of mine I published exactly 3 years ago on January 20th, 2016.

That post was about spending a decade/10 years/3,652 days with my lovely wife Jia.

And since today marks our 13th wedding anniversary, I thought it would be great to read out all the thoughts I wrote 3 years ago about my life with Jia, what she means to me and the way she makes me feel.

You can read it also, along with me 🙂

Blog of Hammad Rais

That’s 10 years to be precise, including two leap years. And today, this number of 3,652 is very special for me.


Because 10 years ago today, which was January 20th 2006, I got married!!!!

01The Day We Got Married

Yup, there you have it!! The Surprise I was talking about since last week, this is it!!

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Round And Round

Spinning in circle our world is and so are our lives!

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One Word Sunday – Orange

Two totally different snaps. One common color.

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Mini Pizza Time

If you like pizza and want to make one at home, then these mini pizza recipe from Madiha is just perfect. The recipe is simple and features the wholesome of pizza in mini form. Continue reading

Fun Foto Challenge – Events

My niece, Dafiya, celebrated her first birthday this past April. Here are few shots I took of the event.


The main banner!

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