Post I Like – #PoetryDay – 810

May I have your attention please?

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Post I Like – Rose And The Insects

Brian is telling an interesting story about some insects on a rose.

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CFFC Thursday – From My Everyday

Not much though!

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Weekend Sky #41 – Sep 11th

Some days choose us!

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One Word Sunday – Old Doing New

Certainly everyday

Our pair of old hands

Do so much new for us

But once the job is done

That same entirely new

Morphs into an old

And so, our hands

Takes another step

To be more old

For Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday – Old


Lens-Artists Challenge – Extra In Ordinary

There’s something special in everything!

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Black & White Karachi Street Walking

Join Arif Mehmood on a black and white photographic trip to Saddar Town, Karachi’s central business district.

Armed with a manual Leica camera and wide-angle lenses, Arif Mehmood captures everyday life of Karachi on a fast fading medium which keeps him sane.

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Weekly Wisdom 8 March

By the passage of time, we learn and gain knowledge from everyday experiences. What should we really do with this knowledge is beautifully explained in this week’s wisdom by Kally.

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Guest Post: 20 Things To Appreciate Everyday In Your Life

How many things you can name that makes your daily life not only helpful but also enjoyable in so many uncountable forms, even when you don’t pay any attention to them at all??

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