A Photo A Week Challenge – Flying

For the past 35+ years, I didn’t got the chance to step inside an airplane and experience the joy and amazement of flying high in the sky, above the clouds and seeing the world down below in a totally unbelievable perspective.

I finally got my chance this past January!

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Trip Of A Lifetime

The world is definitely big!

Full of so much unknown, especially for those who hadn’t stepped out of their hometown. For them, world is completely different from what they are used to with. I was one such person before I boarded a flight to Sharjah from Karachi on 4th Jan 2017.


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Jumping Into Unknown

Yes, I know this way beyond just simple craziness or even “are you out of your mind” but there are individuals out there who love jumping into unknown.

They don’t fear about what lies beneath because the feelings they experience during those moments is only about how much free they are.

Base Jumping Into Clouds.gif
image courtesy of Sploid

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Trip To Jaw Dropping COMO Point Yamu

I’m not sure if I would ever be able to step inside a luxurious hotel/resort or not but if there’s gonna be some world-wide contest in which participants can win a free stay for one weekend in their choice of resort, and if somehow I win that contest, then the one destination I will pick would be none other than COMO Point Yamu in Phuket, Thailand.

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