A Journey Of 38 Steps

38 Steps!

Doesn’t sound too much if one takes embarks on a journey. But the big question: how is that journey? When will it end?

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Post I Liked: I’m So Happy I Could Fly

As tiny like grains of sand but shiny as night sky.

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From One Point To Another

What begins at a point

Will surely ends at another

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The amazing feeling of touching sky’s edge is quite extraordinary.

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Just Around The Corner

The corner is just few paces away!

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Choose Wisely

So much we witness and experience everyday.

Many times, we take a break to understand them up properly but not most of the time.

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Post I Like : As the Sun Goes Down

To find out that someone is taking Fast in Ramadan, despite being a non-Muslim, is as much as surprising for me as it can be for you.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Flying

For the past 35+ years, I didn’t got the chance to step inside an airplane and experience the joy and amazement of flying high in the sky, above the clouds and seeing the world down below in a totally unbelievable perspective.

I finally got my chance this past January!

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