In An Ant’s Way

Pick an ant!

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Post I Like – Exploring Egypt By Karina Pinella

A chance to be with the past!

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Fun Foto Challenge – People And Places

Just go out and see!

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To That First Moment

The world opens upon

In ways you’ve never imagined

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Simply Surrealistic

The unknown is still out there!

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A Gigantic Leap

Have you ever wondered what popped up into the minds of all those great explorers who saw the unknown for the very first time?

Some became speechless, many felt wonderment beyond explanation but all of them, as soon as they realize what they have just achieved, felt one common thing: a sense of utter accomplishment unlike anything. Continue reading


Wonderlusting Around The World

Our world is not small!

It is so big.

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A Grain In Cornfield

I finally watched movie Interstellar this weekend and let me summarize my feelings after the movie ended in 3 words: UTTERLY MIND BLOWING!!

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Residents of a Dot

Believe it or not, we humans are living on a dot!!


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