An art of deception

To present the lies

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Heavy Moments

What can you hear

When no one is speaking

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Full Of Color

A treat for our eyes!

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Floral Friday – 11th May

Look closely!

What do you see?

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Floral Friday – April 13th

Tears will always fall!

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Prisma Tuesday – Mar 21st

I didn’t closed my eyes as I wanted to embrace the light as much as I can. I did so because I was scared.

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Close, Cover, Hold


Close your eyes
Darkness surrounds you

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On That Path

Why should we walk
On that path
Chosen by everyone else

Let’s pick a way
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Good Old Times

Memories, old memories
Whenever I recall them
I get lost

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First Time, Ever Today


Today, for the first time ever
The very first time we meet
And I’m about to lose my heart
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