Weekend Sky #88 – Feb 18th

The sun is about to set

But what was seen earlier

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CFFC Thursday – Weathered Woods

They have passed their prime but still standing tall!

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Bound To Happen

What would last forever

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Time Consuming

When a new dawn breaks

Mind wonders about

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FOTD Tuesday – March 15th

Some colors may not stay for long.

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Floral Friday – Sep 25th

Faded and cleared!

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Re-blog: Time I’ll Never Know

And now, few thoughts about time from any1mark66, which is slipping away so rapidly.

Leaving behind nothing but memories which also fades away slowly down the road.

Coloring Outside the Lines

The pause before a sigh

The moment that lingers

Thoughts I wanted to cling

Emotions that should have countered

Snipets of memories

Collections of thoughts

Second hand sweeps them by

Calendar buries them quickly

When the afterglow fades

When the smiles straightens

I search so i’ll know next time

Left grasping sand as it slips away

What once was becomes golden

When is the riddle of the universe

I can remember or so I say

I can not place it in order

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

Could of happened, I think

Time is a young man’s game

It gets carried in baskets of hope

We sprinkle it about uncaring

One day we look back

Upon a fleeting path we came

Suddenly the basket has a bottom

We look to replace what was spent

Postcards left as mile markers

Recollections fill in gaps

But the image has lost it’s time

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Floral Friday – Nov 10th

A little dedication to days

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