All Lined Up – The First Interaction

Probably this encounter laid the very first brick!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Different Hand

It’s time for him to shine!

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The Last Round – Part 2

One last time!

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The Last Round – Part 1

And so, it was meant to be!

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My Favorites Of 2017 – Part Two

2017 was also about experiments.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Jewel Colors

Just three works a like charm for me

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Hard To Say I’m Sorry

There are some songs that just won’t stop playing in your head. Isn’t it?


Not matter what you do, they just keep on playing like forever.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Take A New Photo

A late entry on CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: TAKE A NEW PHOTO by me as I checked my email about this very late.

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Post I Like: Sing For Me & Falling Rain

I did thought for a moment about titling this post as Singin’ In The Rain but that didn’t seemed right to me. After all, Gene Kelly is far more suited to sing in the rain than me, a guy with a runny nose today.

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