Up Over There

What lies beside

Right up there

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Poor Boy’s Dream

spinning top

Real all so highly seem

But it may just not

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A Photo A Week Challenge – High Again

Going high again!

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Floral Friday – Mar 9th

Problems are so many
Solutions aren’t any

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Floral Friday – Sep 29th

Sometimes, I just want to run!

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To Glare Or Not To Glare

We just can’t stare

Into the glaring sun

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Inside vs Outside


Would it be wise
To leave the zone

One that is your home
Where you feel safe

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Prisma Tuesday – Mar 21st

I didn’t closed my eyes as I wanted to embrace the light as much as I can. I did so because I was scared.

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Many Times, They


…. are full of mysteries, with never ending questions and wonders.

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Wednesday Wisdom – June 22

Something to ponder about on Wednesday.

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